P'arven mystery box

Each listed item is packed in its own tissue paper-wrapped box. The tissue paper is burgundy, in all cases.

  • One green stone figurine of a woman. Her arms are crossed across her chest, with each hand on the opposite shoulder. Highly stylized.
  • A sculpture of a human arm, life-sized, from the elbow to the hand. Highly articulated, and moveable. Holds a pen. Has a base which would allow it to rest on a table with the arm held up1.
  • A bowl, wide and shallow, glazed with the images of many koi fish.
  • A steel ring, roughly forged. It lacks any insignia, glyphs, or other markings. Sized for a male hand, or a large woman’s thumb.
  • 6 small vials of red viscous oil. Stoppered and sealed with lead.
  • 6 small vials of green paste. Stoppered and sealed with lead.

Further, there are three boxes of equal size that are sealed with Sivan glyphs, and a letter similarly sealed.

1 Baelana crit failed Artifice roll. Does not recognize this as anything but sculpture

P'arven mystery box

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