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Passed Moonwatch, on the south-western coastal edge of the Dagger Wood rests a cluster of small thorps and villages. Chief amongst these is Stormhaven, a village that lends its name to the neaby region.

The people of this area are solid, and independent. They are far from any aid – with Moonwatch weeks away by road – and hold little strategic importance.

In the Last War the people of this region learned that they can count only on their neighbors for defence, and yet somehow this small bright patch of civilization survived.

On first glance, from a distance, you’d notice that the villagers wear their hair in the wildest colours of the rainbow. When traders come through they know to bring hair dye, and the latest fashions from Wroaat. The people of Stormhaven care about their appearance, enough to be a little bit creepy. Something must be in the water.





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