Festival of Sunfall

And pinioned colours, red and orange, filled the town like a sunset gone mad and descended to earth

Celebrated by: The people along the south-west coast of Breland.
When: The first week of Rhaan
Purpose: Celebrates the end of summer, and the beginning of the storm season.

In lead-up to Sunfall, great swaths of cloth are dyed in sunset hues: brilliant yellows, reds and oranges, as well as deepest blues and purples. Usually, the towns and villages will re-use the same cloth from prior years and simply re-dye any that have faded. Each night of Sunfall, the townsfolk will change the streamers, slowly taking away the brighter cloths and replacing them with the darker shades as ‘sunset’ descends.

The beginning of the festival is solemn, marking the death of summer. It is during this time that the brightest streams are flown and wrapped about the city. Each dawn there is singing to rouse the last breaths of summer, and each evening brings chanting to usher a restful sleep.

Half way through the week a funeral for summer is held. Here, beautiful golden icons are walked slowly through each village. In Tidewater, the procession is a simple affair where a single Fisher, draped in purple, walks a golden pole down to the waters edge. In Serenissima, each district sponsors a processional which marches from the district shrine down to the vaults at the water’s edge where the icons are interred—and the tides then smother.

The next day, the birth of the storm season, is marked in reverse of the prior day. The icons are retrieved from their burial places and brought back to their temples on shore. This is marked by dancing, singing and great fanfares of music. Each town celebrates this slightly differently, usually based on their own wealth and population size. Stormhaven is known for its fantastic baked goods which are brought out from the inn and distributed free to the villagers. Serenissima is marked by the huge turn-out of citizens who shoulder the great processionals back to their temples, in a whirling energy that always seems at the verge of riot.

Festival of Sunfall

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