Mobley Istvan


Mobley bears the blessings of Olladra and Dol Dorn, though he leans more heavily towards Olladra’s. As a youth he was active, like all the boys in the village, but as he took over his wife’s store he took to enjoying the simple pleasures in life. At this point in his life, some might suggest that Mobley has ‘gone soft’.

Mobley likes to wear nice clothing, and participates in the hair-dying fashions of the day. Currently his hair is white.

He rarely involves himself in public verbal matches. When he has advice to give, it is in private. If the community elder’s want his input, it will be in away from everyone else.

He and Errollshare one building which houses them, the general store and the smithy.

Mobley has one son.


Mobley Istvan

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