Danel of the Fishers

Leader of the Stormhaven Fishers, he is as much fisherman as Priest.


Observers wouldn’t be faulted for thinking that only the most beautiful people could be Fishers in Stormhaven. But, then, Stormhaven seems to be a redoubt for the statuesque.

Danel, as the Fisher’s leader, is no different. Like all the Fishers, Danel despises clothing wearing only enough to satisfy propriety while onshore. It just adds drag while underwater, which is almost anathema to them: the fastest swimmers are according a strange form of respect.

As the leader of the Fishers, Danel is heavily tattooed. Abstract patterns of dots and lines rise from his wrists to mid-bicep, and from ankle to mid-thigh. They were probably excrutiatinly painful to gain. To those versed in the Fisher’s tattoo writing, these tell his history and accomplishments.

Danel has little time, or respect, for outsiders. He intensely dislikes any disruption to Stormhaven’s daily patterns. He is vocal.

Danel does not participate in hair dying. His hair is black, long, always pulled into a single braid, and reaches his mid-back.

Pays his respects to the “Lady of the Seas”, like all the Fishers.

Danel of the Fishers

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