Corrin Stark

Younger sister of Ahliana, Vaeris’s now deceased betrothed.


Corrin is younger sister of Ahliana, Vaeris’s now deceased betrothed.

With a sweet smile and eyes that can give the impression of a much older soul when they are not twinkling with mischief, she is not a girl content to live her life as a man’s accessory, despite the wishes of her parents.

Still a girl when Vaeris first went to war, a young woman when he returned, she was the only member of her family that didn’t agree with Vaeris when he took the blame for not returning home soon enough to heal Ahliana of her injuries.

Her family didn’t want to talk about, or even acknowledge Ahliana’s death and she wanted someone to talk to. After a few weeks of building her courage, she snuck out of her home one night and found Vaeris.

Over the next several months their shared grief and endless hours of conversation brought them extremely close together. Vaeris is a different man around Corrin, gentler and kinder. More measured. Corrin feels like her time with Vaeris is the only time she can be herself.

Their relationship has continued for the last 5 years and they are perhaps each others dearest friend, though no one else knows of it.

Corrin’s focus on their friendship has other costs however, as now at the age of 23 her parents despair of her ever finding a suitable husband, especially since her families wealth is small.

Is there more love than can exist between friends in Corrin and Vaeris’ hearts? Perhaps, but the memory of her sister makes even the though a strange one in some ways. Regardless they chare an unbreakable bond.

Corrin was not happy when Vaeris told her of the quest he had been offered, but did her best to encourage him to go. She sees that Sharn, the research that he continues and the things he does to continue it are driving him further down a dark path. So she encouraged him to go despite her misgivings, though without him she isn’t sure how much longer she will be able to tolerate staying in Sharn with her family…

Before he left Vaeris gave her a pennywhisle, enchanted by an old friend. Blow into it if she ever needed him to return he said, and he will do whatever it takes to get there. It only works once, so keep it safe.

Corrin Stark

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