Orin Talaris

An honestly good and generous physician. Disliked by house Jorasco


Orin is a rarity in Sharn; an honestly good and generous man.

A brilliant physician and alchemist, he has turned down many requests to serve in great houses to run a free hospital in the lower sections of Sharn.

Vaeris approached Orin not long after he returned from the war, seeing to learn more about anatomy and the mechanics of life. Orin rarely turns down able hands.

Vaeris turned out to be extremely capable and a fast learner as a physician, learning enough to become a certified physician himself in only a few years.

Orin is aware of Vaeris’s illicit activities through other channels, and of much of his history through some drunken confessions, however is also aware that Vaeris seems to genuinely care for many of his patients and has stayed volunteering at the hospital long after it became clear the answers he sought were not to be found there. Orin hope to foster that side of his personality to fight the darkness that threatens to engulf him.

Kind, patient and seemingly tireless, Orin is a bright light on the shadowed city, and more than one mans best hope for salvation.

Orin Talaris

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