Gream Arkin

Comically corrupt bureaucrat in Sharn


Gream is almost comically the corrupt bureaucrat. A seneschal of a minor house in Sharn, he first encountered Vaeris when he got word of his first clumsy attempts to sell his services of questionable legality.

After a series of meetings where he posed as a potential buyer, he offered to provide services as a broker before Vaeris got himself hauled in front of a magistrate…for only 60% he hooked up the buyers and made any legal troubles (relating to their activities and any other trouble Vaeris might get in to) disappear.

While by no means friends, he and Vaeris have a very beneficial relationship that neither wishes to jeopardize.

Gream was not entirely happy with Vaeris’ decisions to travel, but certain…pressures kept him from trying to convince him against it. For now.

Gream Arkin

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