Bedwyr Liber

Last descendent of the Stormwatch Libers, or so he claims. A rotund man with a fantastic hovel overlooking the village.


Bedwyr missed the blessings of Dol Dorn: he is neither tall, nor strong. As a child, he held a fae beauty that outsiders found almost disturbing. This mostly passed as adulthood approached, and now he merely stands out as not being amongst the pretty people. In bright daylight, his eyes are purple, otherwise they seem black.

Bedwyr has put on significant weight since his time as a slight child. Walking up the hill to his home tires him out, now.

He lives atop the escarpment that overlooks the sea, at the western edge of Stormhaven. His home is large, by Stormhaven standards, is of sturdier stuff than the huts down near the beach. In the yard, around his home, he has gathered remnants from the ruins of Old Stormhaven.

Bedwyr wears the finest clothing he can get his hands on.

Bedwyr is the last descendent of the Stormhaven Libers, or so he claims. He has the Liber Look, so perhaps he tells the truth.

Bedwyr Liber

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