Sheltering Storm

SE0104: Of running in circles, and building a shed

Barrakas 22, 1001 YK

With the season of storms fast approaching, and no roof over their heads, the party came to realize that a roof would be directly needed. Their plans to rebuild the manor house were reduced to simply getting some form of shelter.

In quick succession the following were realized:

  • Although the people of village likely know how to build shelter, it was unlikely they were willing to lend a hand given the party’s prior actions.
  • They desperately needed supplies, now that their prior possessions had burned.
  • They didn’t know how to build even a cabin.
  • They are out of alcohol, and the still would be very unsafe to run in a tent.
  • [Critical Failure: Weather Lore] Vaeris was of the opinion that the weather here is inimical to human civilization. He distinctly remembered hurricanes, flooding and tornados every year. The others [Critical Success: Weather Lore] didn’t remember any such calamities other than a single hurricane some four years back.
Fate Tokens

Blue Tokens
Sets any roll to the best outcome for the spender of the token.

Shifts a die roll one point in any direction.

Vaeris suggested that he head up to Serenissima and purchase plans, or books, on how to construct a cabin.

Ebrin countered that they could go and speak with Errol, since he was, in her words “He kind of sort of doesn’t hate us”. Perhaps if they can find someone, here, who knows how to build a house then perhaps they can save a lot of time. Werem tags along, while Baelana and Vaeris stay back at camp.

Heading over to Errol’s, they find him amenable to helping. He explains, in basic ideas, how to fell trees and clean them up and then suggests various tools that the party might need. Pointing them next door, to Mobley’s, he sends them on their way.

Unfortunately, Mobley doesn’t have any books or plans that might help the building of a manor. He helps them out with the basic tools, and then succeeds in up-selling basic food stuffs such as rice and spices. Werem agrees that “Erring on the side of bland, rather than deadly” would be a wise route to take with the cooking ideas. He also suggests that green would be a fantastic hair colour for Ebrin (his own was the purest of white.) In passing, Mobley mentions that that the village could really use some sort of teacher; an entire generation is growing up without literacy.

The two walk away happier, with thoughts of a tasty dinner, and much lighter coin purses.

With bacon and eggs on the menu Werem pulls off a stunning success of cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast. Vaeris, and Baelana were thrilled with bacon and eggs.

Werem decides that he should go chopping trees, but quickly realizes that he really has no idea how to chop down a tree without landing it on himself. He also learns that trees are heavy, and nearly impossible to drag on one’s own. The others join in, and quickly exhaust themselves before Baelana comes to the conclusion that rollers and ropes would make this significantly easier.

Once they have recovered, Werem sets about cooking up a hearty meal of rice and lentils for the group. Unfortunately the conversation got interesting and he lost track of what he was doing. The group only noticed when the rice turned black and began to crackle. There was little hope for it, and so the party supped on trail rations.

Throughout this the villages began dying great swaths of cloth into a myriad of bright colours.

After a night of rest, Vaeris and Baelana head north to find Tidewater to buy planked wood at the lumber mill there. They take with them a list of needs that Errol has sent with them. The village is rather isolated and so often has needs that can only be found in the towns closer to Serenissima.

Ebrin and Werem begin laying down the flooring for their new cabin.

Tidewater turns out to be small and completely lacking in any luxuries. The two do find what they need, and also discover that Stormhaven apparently has docks. They speak with a riverman who is willing to pilot a skiff back to Stormhaven and carry their purchases. This dramatically reduces their travel time to a single day from the two days of heavy trudging through a swamp.

Ebrin and Werem drink the treasures in the still and discover that this wasn’t the brightest plan. The still is poison, and hits like a hammer. Without the aid of the townsfolk, and the hermit, the two would likely have died.

Vaeris and Baelana return to a camp site filled with vomit and weakened party members. Vaeris attempts to draw on his physician’s knowledge but failed to produce much more than a chalky drink. While the chalky drink was taking its non-existent effect, Vaeris made an attempt at brewing broth and succeeded remarkably. The party votes Vaeris as the new cook in the group.

Shortly before the end of Barrakas, Vaeris heads north to catch a skiff from Tidewater to Serenissima. Along way he sees Havenside preparing for some sort of celebration. In Stormhaven, it is obvious to the rest of the party: the city is drapped in long swaths of multi-coloured cloth. Soon they learn that it is the Festival of Sunfall.

In Tidewater, Vaeris finds the village set us as a massive casino. Unfortunately, despite his usual ability to sniff out lies and deceptions, he finds his own understanding of the rules to be his downfall—Vaeris loses a good chunk of his free cash leaving his plans for Serenissima somewhat in doubt. His ride in the skiff means his misses out on any of the other festivities.

(needs completion: Mentioning the docks in Stormhaven, to Errol

Vaeris’ adventure in serenissima:

  • Getting dragged around by a child, and losing all his cash.
  • Spotting the reinforced gates in a creepy plaza filled with guards and mages.
  • Magic null zone at the main gates, and casting of the shadow guard.
  • The huge bridge, and the rock of red rock.
  • the harbour of Serenissima and the tides.
  • Horrible dreams of saphire-eyed goblins

Post game: Sadie: tracking+ engineering+ Jesse: Physician+ Alchemy+ Cooking+ Awareness+ James: Cooking+ Weatherlore+ 3 base tokens 1 colour card 1 victim card



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