Sheltering Storm

SE0102_2 Arrival in Stormhaven

A new home, at least for now

Barrakas 6, 1001 YK

Tired, hungry and very very dirty, the party finally sights their destination: Stormhaven. They are relieved that they survived their undead ordeal, and are looking forward to a good night’s sleep. Sleep without howling undead only meters below. Sleep on a soft bed, not cramped into the branches of trees.

The first thing they notice about Stormhaven are the colourful hair styles, and well dressed citizens. Apparently fashion, and appearance, is of high priority here. The people are good looking, perhaps more so given the party’s recent misadventures in the woods. There must be something in the water.

Fate Tokens

Blue Tokens
Sets any roll to the best outcome for the spender of the token.

Shifts a die roll one point in any direction.

Home of a Friend is easily found, rising a storey above all the other buildings. Here they meet Arlis, who suggests they take advantage of the baths that the inn offers. The party is only too happy to part with some coins in order to feel properly clean again. From Arlis they also hear that their wagons made it safely, and are at the old manor house. Manor House? The party is excited to hear they might be setting up style.

Of course, such hopes are quickly dashed when they walk up the road to find their new home: the roof is gone, the windows shattered. Some of the flooring looks unstable. They agree that testing out the second floor might be hazardous.

Unloading the wagons, they remember the mysterious box, and lament their lost chickens. The box’s seals have indeed released, at least partially, revealing its contents and a letter from Lord P’arven which was magically sealed. Perhaps it will open in a few days?

Heading back into town, they find the blacksmith, Errol Hudson, and question him about the town and environs. He seems friendly, a bit too truthful, and quite bluntly tells the party that they aren’t going to get far if they think they can lord themselves about. Ebrin finds the blacksmith to be quite fetching, Vaeris finds the blacksmith’s clumsy, buxom apprentice to be his preference. Neither the blacksmith, nor the apprentice, seem to notice.

The party then heads up the hill, on Errol’s suggestion, to meet with Bedwyr. He doesn’t have much to tell them, other than to talk of the glories of ancient Stormhaven. Vaeris remembers some history about the Stormhaven Libers and wonders if this man is in any danger.

On the walk down the hill, the party spots people standing out in the water, knee deep. The group seems to be socializing. Maybe these are The Fishers that Errol mentioned?



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