Sheltering Storm

SE0101 Mysterious Letters

On the devil's highway with demon wheels

Lharvion 5, 1001 YK

Following the end of the Last War, the characters have largely gone their seperate ways; each seeks a way to remain fed in a vastly different world. They still maintain contact, through regular drinking binges at the Pious Goblin and the Monkey Bottle.

Strange letters are delivered to each of the party, which magically transform into portraits of themselves from five years ago. Included is a request to enjoy dinner at The Pearl Yards, with a member of a local noble family, Lord Tomarus P’arven.

Fate Tokens

Blue Tokens
Sets any roll to the best outcome for the spender of the token.

Shifts a die roll one point in any direction.

They are met by the noble’s Seneschal, Shiron F’than, who informs that the house wishes to hire the party to manage a small village. He claims that he does not know why the individual characters were selected, merely that it was done by his very ill employer. It is obviously that he dislikes the party intensely, and holds special dislike for Vaeris. Probably due to Vaeris’s mouthyness.

Included, to sweeten the deal, is a mysterious box wrapped in paper and magical seals. The box will only unseal once it is in the destination village. The Seneschal claims that he has no idea what the box contains, and that it could very well be anything. Again, he reminds the players that his lord is ill, and insinuates this may be an illness of the mind.

After some haggling, the Seneschal agrees to send the party via artificer wagons, and with a stock of various useful items such has construction materials, chickens and other sundries.

Setting out from Sharn aboard demon-possessed wagons, the party were less than thrilled about their destination: the village of Stormhaven. Their first stop was Moonwatch, enforced by wagons which refused to move farther than a field outside the walls.

When Baelana could make neither head, nor tails, of the wagon’s functions the party ventured into town to see if there was a local artificer. Luckily for them there was, and they hired X(NPC: need to find name) to check over the wagons. His assessment was that the wagons were programmed to stop for a few days in Moonwatch, reasons unknown. Later the party surmised it was so they could stock up on last minute supplies.

While in town, Werem and Ebrin visited a brewery/distillery that had been set up in the fort. They tasted some very nice brandies made from local fruit, the punja berry, and bought a hogshead of ale. Later, drunken inspiration had them seek out a local cartographer to see if they could find maps of their destination.

At the X(tavern) they encountered X(NPC: need to find name), a somewhat eccentric cartographer. Apparently his life’s work involves making an accurate map of Khorvaire. Werem is convinced the map is absolutely accurate. They hire him to craft a map of the Dagger Wood and environs around Stormhaven.



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