Sheltering Storm

Intersession 1: A letter opens

Herein are the words Tomarus P'Arven, freely given

Good tidings,

I will not presume to call you friends, I will presume to ask your indulgence however. House P’arven must come to an end, and through you I bring my house that much closer to its fate. For too long have I been trapped, in a cage of my own design, while another runs this house. And so, through careful actions over these last five years, I have put wheels into motion.

My son, Simeon, is claimed to have gone to Xen’drik in search of glory. I believe that he never set foot in Stormreach; Malefactors sabotaged his excursion before it had really even begun. I fear his skyship, The Pearl of Sharn, lays broken in the depths.
You carry with you a small collection of artifacts taken from the holdings of the P’arven estate. Use them for whatever purpose your minds can dream of, but do not let them rejoin their brethren from my House’s holdings. The treasure troves that my family gathered, over the centuries, shall never be put to their terrible purpose again.

Of the treasures I send you with, four deserve some small comment. These are the ones which you likely already have access to.

The koi bowl was found in ancient Elven ruins, in the Lhazaar Principalities. It seems to react to magic, in that the pattern of the koi change when items arcane are left within it over night. From my experiments, the koi pattern is unique to each item but I cannot tell if it is also trying to convey hints to any powers. Once used, the bowl takes time to recover and seems to recover fastest if left underwater in a shallow pool exposed to the sky.

The green lady was discovered in the Shadow Marches, centuries ago. It is one of a collection of objects. The koi tell me that this item contains magic, but I do not know what that magic is. She seems utterly indestructible.

The steel ring is uncomfortable to wear. I discovered this before I put it in the bowl, and therefore do not know what damage I may have done to myself. When placed in the bowl, the pattern of the fish is completely erased. All that remains are the skulls and skeletons of the koi.
The arm is of artificer make. When I am able, I will relay messages to you. Please ensure it has parchment nearby.

The red oil seals wounds, healing them as if they never were. It cannot set bones, cure infections or other diseases, but I feel it will still be of use. The green paste expunges infections so long as they are relatively new.

Please understand that there are those who would undo what I have done. They will seek the treaures I have sent you with, and will stop at nothing to possess them. This must not be allowed. They must never again be put to the uses of their past.

I have arranged for the wagons to deviate from their programming in a most destructive way. They will find a space away from structures and individuals, and then they will come apart. Salvage what you can, I imagine that you will find some use for their wreckage. Shiron F’than will be expecting the wagons back, and will therefore assume you died on this mad quest that I sent you on. He will report your deaths, and therefore unwittingly muddy your trail.

I do hope you find your new environs at least passingly interesting. There are many surprisingly individuals who seek lives away from strict laws and adherence to tradition, as might be found in the larger cities.

Good luck to you, and be prepared for anything.
- Lord Tomarus P’arven



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